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Hannah's Confirmation Service Project

January 2014

A service project is one of the requirements for Confirmation Preparedness. The purpose of a service project is to start the Confirmation candidate working for the good of others, and is intended to be just the beginning of many years of service.

Hannah's Confirmation Service ProjectHannah's Story

My name is Hannah, and I will be making my confirmation in March 2014.

I am required to do a service project, and after searching I found an article about Sam's Hope that came in a circular in the mail.

I read the article and liked what Sam's Hope does to help animals and their owners. I called and spoke to Marianne, and together we got a plan.


Hannah's Confirmation Service ProjectMarianne was going to drop off coin collection cans, a box, wrapping paper and literature, and I would do the rest.

I asked five businesses if I could put a coin collection can on their counters, and a pet food collection box in the reception area.

I decorated the box, placed the collection cans and literature at the businesses and hoped for the best!

Hannah's Confirmation Service ProjectI was able to raise $230.00 and some food, and was so excited to be able to present this to Sam's Hope.

My heart felt really good that I was able to help this organization continue to help those in need. I have pets of my own and hope if I ever needed help there would be a place I could turn to.

It was with great honor that I was able to drop off to Sam's Hope the money and food that I was able to raise. I am glad I picked Sam's hope to help. I wish them success in all that they do, and if I know of anyone that needs a service project, I will tell them to help Sam's Hope.

Thank you Marianne for helping me get started, I enjoyed meeting you.

Sincerely, Hannah

The funds Hannah raised will be used to provide veterinary care to the pets of the economically and health challenged in an effort to "Save the Lives of Companion Animals by Keeping Them Out of Shelters and With Their Families."

Thank you, Hannah, YOU ROCK!

If you are interested in doing a service project to benefit companion animals in need, please contact us at:

Phone: 267-753-0510