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Until one has loved an animal,  a part of one's soul remains unawakened. - Anatole France



Robyn's Mitzvah Project

August - December 2018

A Mitzvah Project is a social-action project for 12 - 13 year olds; it is an official part of bar and bat mitzvah preparation. Mitzvah projects teach kids about the responsibilities of Jewish adulthood, encourage the value of tikkun olam, (world repair), and giving back.

Robyn's Mitzvah ProjectMeet Robyn!

My name is Robyn Feldman, a 7th grader at Klinger Middle School in Southampton. When I was born, we had 2 dogs in our house, Cha-Chi and Windsor. Cha-Chi had a biting problem, so we gave him to a home who could properly take care of him. When I was 1, we adopted Coco. He’s a mix of chocolate lab and golden retriever. He’s now 11 and the best dog I’ve ever known. When Windsor died, we adopted Molly. My mom found her when she was searching for dogs who needed homes. Her owner had died a few weeks earlier and no one could take care of the eight year-old Rottweiler mix. We rescued her days before the family was going to put her to sleep. With our family, Molly lived another 4 years. When she passed away, we adopted Bootsie from Wags. She was a 9 month old boxer mix. Needless to say, I love dogs. I cannot pass a dog on the street without stopping to ask if I can pet him or her.

Robyn's Mitzvah ProjectWhen I began thinking about my Bat Mitzvah project, it was natural that I would do something with dogs. I started out by going to Salfid Rescue to help the puppies get used to humans. Then, my grandmother suggested Sam’s Hope. We got in contact with Marianne who guided us. I started out by helping deliver food and supplies to people in Warminster. Next, I had a fundraiser at Rita’s in Richboro. That was a lot of fun. I got to serve people all night and scoop water-ice. I also learned how to use the soft-serve machine. I made 2 gift baskets and Marianne supplied 3 baskets. We raised over $140 just in raffle tickets.

My project isn’t over, though. My Bat Mitzvah celebration is going to be at the Fuge. I have asked my guests to please bring a donation for Sam’s Hope with them. We will have a box outside and hopefully collect a lot of donations. I would also like to have a route where I can deliver food and supplies with my mom (and hopefully my sister). At school, I’m going to collect donations, also. I plan to continue to help Sam’s Hope as much as I can, even after my Bat Mitzvah is over.

Robyn's Mitzvah Project9/28/2018

On Friday night, Robyn donned a Rita's t-shirt and visor and set to work scooping water ice and ice cream to raise funds for Sam's Hope as part of her Bat Mitzvah Project.

Robyn's Mitzvah ProjectAlong with water ice and ice cream, there were raffle baskets, and lots of support from family and friends! A truly wonderful and friendly group!

Thank you, Robyn, for Keeping Southeastern PA's Pets and Their People Together!


Robyn's Mitzvah Project8/4/2018

Robyn and her mom Aliza, along with Sam's Hope volunteer Stephanie Warner and daughter Madison, loaded up the car and Robyn's Mitzvah Projectdelivered pet food and supplies to our homebound and elderly clients in Warminster Heights.

Thank you, Robyn, for Keeping Southeastern PA's Pets and Their People Together!



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