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What greater gift than the love of a cat? - Charles Dickens



In Loving Memory of...

Your life was a blessing, your memory a treasure. You are loved beyond words and missed beyond measure. - Unknown

Caleb Goldstein, Beloved Shih Tzu of Sharon GoldsteinCaleb Goldstein

Shih Tzu

Beloved Dog of Sharon & Sandy Goldstein

Arrived at Rainbow Bridge - 08/03/2015


Caleb came to us after a terrible first few years. We taught him that hands were for loving, laps were for sitting, feet were not for kicking. His first years must have been scary. He had an attitude that made us laugh. What may have sounded like growling to others, became his language, especially to me. I do believe that he resented having a woman alpha. He much preferred the company of his male friend, Sandy, or our Labradoodle, Muffie. But, he still showed me love, came to me for petting and loving.

He loved our trips to and from Clearwater each winter. Even though he didn’t have his backyard there, and needed to be walked, he looked forward to walking around our little patch of yard (and me picking up his droppings). He also looked forward to our trips to the dog park. He wandered around while Muffie played with the bigger dogs.

His last 2 years were rough for him. His heart was getting worse, and he started meds 2x a day. For a while, it was only 4 meds, then a 5th added in April when we came back from FL. I think he knew that these meds kept him with us, kept him comfortable.

The eleven years he spent with us were special for all of us. He gave us love, and we gave back to him. I always thank AFEW in NJ for letting him come into our lives.


Callie LallyCallie Lally

Calico Cat

Beloved Cat of Marie Lally

Arrived at Rainbow Bridge - Unknown



Charlotte Eisenstein - Beloved Daughter of Suzie Eisenstein, Beloved Sister of Daphne EisensteinCharlotte Eisenstein

2002 - 2018


Beloved Daughter of Suzie Eisenstein, Beloved Sister of Daphne Eisenstein

Arrived at Rainbow Bridge - July 25, 2018

"When I first adopted Charlotte, I did not like her.  She came into my house and peed on my furniture-twice.  So I tolerated her for about 10 days.  The turning point was when she fell down a couple of stairs.  She was crying and I picked her up.  She wrapped her head around my neck and that was it.  From that point on, she was my little baby girl.  She fought hard for her life.  She was a breast cancer survivor-over four years.  She had a very bad heart.  She had a collapsed trachea-she had an epiglottis tack down two times.  She also had Cushings Disease.  At the end, she had a feeding tube because she was not eating and all of her medications had to be reformulated into liquids.  So she was getting nine medications and four vials of liquid food four times a day.  She eventually told me that she had had enough.  So, I had to let her go.  I feel like I am missing half of my heart.  My Daphne is the other half.  I will never, ever forget my Charlotte.  How could I-I have a very large tattoo of her on my left forearm." - Suzie


My Darling Little Man, ChicoChico Gioquindo

12 Year-Old Chihuahua

Beloved Dog of Cathy & Paul Gioquindo, & Marianne Iaquinto

Beloved Big Brother of Bella

Arrived at Rainbow Bridge - March 27, 2021


And just like that, your wings were ready, but my heart was not.  I will never forget you, my sweet little man.  Forever in my heart.



Clancy, Beloved Cat of Jack and Dor DeLongClancy DeLong


2011 - 2023

Beloved Cat of Jack and Dor DeLong

Arrived at Rainbow Bridge - December 18, 2023

Love is love, yes society may value love differently, husband and wife, children and
parents but does your heart?

Ask a soldier and his canine war dog, there is a special bond.

How about the bond with therapy animals especially those people suffering from PTSD or
the special bond of those terminally ill and a furry companion?

Only time will heal the loss and ease the knot in my stomach and that realization comes from experience and those special words from a friend, “ you’ll never forget the ones you’ve loved”.

This is my tribute to a special furry friend who so enriched my life. Clancy you were so
special, so loving, and so faithful always as we shared a part of our life together. With love often comes grief and I’ll never forget you and the others before you. I can name them all.

Clancy you were a unique gift from heaven, just a stray destined for our home.


Coco Quinn

15 Year-Old Chocolate Lab

Beloved Dog of Elizabeth Quinn

Arrived at Rainbow Bridge - November 19, 2016



Coco Vertlieb, Beloved Dog of Patty and ChrissyCoco Vertlieb

14 Year-Old Chihuahua

Beloved Dog and Emotional Support Animal to Patty & Chrissy Vertlieb

Arrived at Rainbow Bridge - June 7, 2016

Have you a dog in Heaven, Lord? Is there room for just one more? Cause my little dog died today; he'll be waiting at your door. Please take him into Heaven, Lord. And keep him there for me, just feed him, pet him, love him, Lord, that is all he'll ask of Thee.


Cocoa Feldman, Beloved Cat of Lawrence FeldmanCocoa Feldman

13 Year-Old Rescue Cat

Beloved Cat of Lawrence Feldman

Arrived at Rainbow Bridge - February 15, 2016

Cocoa passed from complications due to her diabetes, and now has gone to rejoin her recently, also too soon, brothers.  A seemingly abused, and little trusting, when I first found her twelve years ago, I'm just happy that over this past year she was finally able to fully accept the love shown her, and I thank her for the joy she brought to my life.


Codie, Beloved Dog of Marie and Mariel LallyCodie Lally

14 Year-Old Maltese / Shih Tzu

Beloved Dog of Marie and Mariel Lally

Arrived at Rainbow Bridge - November 19, 2016



In Loving Memory of Cooper RetifCooper Retif

Arrived at Rainbow Bridge - 3/1/2015

Born on Valentine's Day, you were the love of our hearts. We will always remember you playing catch, daily dips in the pool, bringing in the newspapers and your endearing loyalty. We miss you terribly!

Cameron, Bender, Makayla, Mom and Dad