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Every boy should have two things: a dog, and a mother willing to let him have one. - Anonymous



In Loving Memory of...

No heaven will not ever Heaven be. Unless my cats are there to welcome me. - Anonymous

Harly"Harly" Sir Harlequin Hunt of Richboro

2005 - 2014

Golden Retriever

Beloved Dog of Jan and David Walters

Arrived at Rainbow Bridge - 05/12/2014


Harry, Beloved Cat of Al Chernoff - Alley Cat Animal RescueHarry Chernoff

Beloved Cat of Al "Alley Cat" Chernoff

Arrived at Rainbow Bridge - 12/29/2014

Those we love don't go away, They walk beside us everyday.
Unseen, unheard, but always near, Still loved and missed and very dear. Until we meet again, sweet Harry...


Henny, Beloved Cat of Helen BlackHenny

2000 - 2014

Beloved Cat of Helen Black

Arrived at Rainbow Bridge - 01/2014

Henny was a sweet boy who loved to sit on my lap, but did not like to be cuddled too much.

He was like Buddy, his dad, in that both were "talkers." The last two summers I used to let him and Cubby and Missy out in the yard. They loved sitting in the sun. But Henny was always talking. The man in the back, who is really fine, but is not crazy about animals, would say, "shut up, cat," but not really in a mean way. Henny would look over and keep on talking.

Henny and Cubby would fight to get the closest to me when they sat on my lap. It was very funny. Henny was a gentle boy; I don't think I ever heard him hiss. If he got scared he would just run away. He did not like to be picked up, but he loved to be petted and talked to.

The last few days he still climbed on my lap if I sat on the ground with him. By then his little legs were giving out, too.

He was always close with Missy. In the winter, they would often sit very close together and share one pet bed.

He was just a sweet, wonderful little man who was no trouble at all. He had a bent ear and was sort of long and bony, but not skinny. My mother would often say, "He's not a pretty cat," and that it was good that I found him because nobody else would want him. I don't think that's true, but we would laugh about it. I miss him very much. When I go down to the garage I still expect to see him which is silly.  

That is my Hen-Pen.


Henri SnugglesHenri Snuggles

Beloved Cat of Kate Clark and David Clayton

Pictured, Henri Snuggles on left and Olive

Arrived at Rainbow Bridge - 12/02/2013

We were so lucky to find Henri Snuggles on October 13, 2005 on Mike's porch in Syracuse NY - (coming home from Brian's bday party)...The cold snap had just set in and he was a homeless, beat up kitty in need of lots of love. The first place he went when we brought him into the house was my pillow on our bed.

He will be remembered for his sweetness, his sassy behavior with our clothes, and his love of fish and tickles. Oh - and as a cover boy on PCA's bookmarks! (If you want one to remember him I have many :)

Three other things about Henri ....First - his name is supposed to be pronounced in a French accent because he looks like he was wearing a beret (from his markings) and we also picked that name cause it was David's nickname in French class when he was a kid. Second - Henri was AMAZING with August - who pulled and prodded him and he never once reacted. Third - when Henri and Olive weren’t getting along at first (well, when Henri rejected her) I tried everything!!! And finally we tried an animal communicator - and GUESS WHAT!??? It worked!!!

Henri was suffering from kidney failure. He died very very peacefully with me and David. We will all miss him so much - especially Olive...


Hooch - Forever in our Heart and MemoriesHooch

Beloved Dog of All Who Met Him

Arrived at Rainbow Bridge - 1/3/2018

It is with a heavy heart that I share this news; on Wednesday, January 3rd, our dear Hooch, (a 14 year old Lab/Golden mix that became homeless when he and his dad were evicted from their home on July 1, 2017), passed away.

Hooch had severe osteoarthritis, and despite aggressive pain management, his pain was no longer under control. He passed away peacefully with foster parents Charlie and Denise by his side, knowing he was loved.

Thank you Blind Dog Rescue Alliance, Charlie and Denise for ensuring Hooch had a wonderful home for the past month, all the love a dog could ever want, and for helping him cross the bridge with dignity.

Me, I am heartbroken; there is nothing more in the world that I wanted than for Hooch to be reunited with his dad of almost 14 years. Unfortunately, that was not meant to be.

Thanks to the many good people in Hooch’s life, Marina Bradley, Foster Mom Cheryl Cressman, Blind Dog Rescue Alliance, Foster Parents Charlie & Denise, and all who so generously donated to his care, he continued to have the love and care he needed until the end.

Rest in peace, dear and beautiful boy, you will live on forever in our hearts and memories.


Hunter"Hunter" Sir Walter Hunt of Richboro

1990 - 2004

Golden Retriever

Beloved Dog of Jan and David Walters

Arrived at Rainbow Bridge - 08/01/2004